We've loved condiments for a long time.

Our Story

I'm Camden, Founder and Chief Box Builder of Saucy Boxⓒ. My penchant for condiments started a long time ago. Tomato sauce was basically a food group throughout my childhood. But it really ramped up during the year I lived in Mexico. There, I developed an affinity for hot sauces, spices and seasonings of all manner. Returning to New Zealand, the love affair continued.

After a brief career in advertising, I co-founded award winning charity Sustainable Coastlines. In doing so, I spent years on the road, working in communities around Aotearoa. I always brought a trusty bottle of hot sauce with me. Stuffed in the door pocket of my car, it saved me from many a bland roadside or motel meal. 

Over time, I added condiments. Soy sauce and wasabi for snapper sashimi. Tomato sauce for beachside fish and chips. Salt and pepper for almost everything. Soon, I needed something to contain all these sauces. At first a Tupperware container would suffice. I then graduated to a small wooden box, leftover from an underwhelming Christmas hamper. It broke. I started making my own condiment boxes.

The idea caught on. In preparation for weekends away, picnics in parks, BBQ's and trips to the beach, friends would ask "are you bringing your condiment kit?". I always did. My product design degree proved its worth. I developed new designs, tested features, and trialled hundreds of condiments. Eventually the idea needed a name. And people wanted their boxes. Saucy Box was born.

Sustainability has always been front and centre. I constructed early prototypes with offcuts, scraps, leftovers; any wood I could get my hands on. Now, we salvage all our timber, either from wood recyclers or timber shop offcuts. Even our leather utensil straps are offcuts from old handbags. We build each short 'Batch' using the materials we've found, then go hunting for more. And because we want to keep chemicals well away from our food, we don't paint, oil or treat our woods. Wherever possible, we curate condiments in glass packaging and choose local, organic produce.

Our story is far from over. We're damn excited to be up and running, and damn pleased that you're along for the ride. Now, stop reading and start shopping!