Condiments should be everywhere.

Saucy Boxⓒ looks mighty fine on the kitchen bench. Fantastic on top of the fridge. Delicious on the dinner table. But you don't always eat at home. You like to BBQ. You love a picnic. You go camping, or head away for the weekend. This doesn't mean your meals should suffer. With Saucy Boxⓒ, your condiments will be with you, wherever you go.

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Beautiful Design

We spent years designing, testing and refining our product to bring you the finest (and possibly the only) condiment box you've ever seen. Saucy Boxⓒ combines simple design with beautiful timbers, brass fittings and smart features like our bottle opener, utensil strap and toothpick compartment. Trust us, you'll love it.

Quality Condiments

We do the hard yards to make sure every box comes curated with condiments that are damn delicious. Everything we stock in Saucy Box is gluten free, and we avoid plastic bottles like the plague. Our classic range, Saucy Boxⓒ The Original, is just a start, with more condiment collections coming very soon.


It ain’t good enough just to dabble. At Saucy Boxⓒ, impacts on health and the environment come into every decision we make. We salvage all our timber, either from wood recyclers or timber shop offcuts. Even our leather utensil straps are offcuts from old handbags. We build each short 'Batch' using the materials we've found, then go hunting for more.